Twitter Guidelines

  • We encourage live tweeting at the Symposium


  • Please use #ukcc21 in you Symposium tweets


  • There will be dedicated tweeters in each plenary and master-class, for you to respond to


  • It's best not to take photos of large groups, unless you ask the permission of all involved before you tweet it


  • Attribute, be clear in your tweets about who is saying what


  • If you are quoting directly please use quotation marks and attribute the quote


  • Always be polite and respectful


  • Assume people not attending the Symposium will be interested in your live tweets, also explain frequently what #ukcc21 means/represents


  • Link lots, reference the speakers topics and link to any resources the presenters use


  • Have fun!


the UKCC will be tweeting @UKCochraneCentr