Engaging with Commissioners

Speakers: Anant Jani, Mehrunisha Suleman, Clive Adams, Diane Gray, Kirsty Alexander & Henry McGuiness

Master-class overview:

What kind of evidence do commissioners need and in what sort of format?  How can we make sure they have the right kind of evidence in the right time frame?

These were two questions we were very concerned with at the QIPP Right Care programme.  In 2012 we set out to better understand the constraints and problems commissioners faced from their perspective so we could provide solutions that were fit for purpose and helped them to use evidence as efficiently and effectively as possible.  In today‚Äôs session you will hear from two commissioners about the challenges they face, how they use evidence, how they would like to use evidence, and how we as a knowledge community can help them.  In the second half of the session we will describe two solutions the Right Care team designed and we will close with an open discussion and a chance for participants to get actively involved in this important workstream.