Plenary Details #ukcc21

Opening Plenary - Why do we have to think differently in the 20 years ahead?
Wednesday 20th March, 16:00 to 17:30, Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre

Chief Medical Officer and Cochrane Editor, Professor Dame Sally Davies is joined by distinguished economist, broadcaster and Chair of the UK Statistics Authority Andrew Dilnot. They will review the background to the challenges: changing demographics, tighter fiscal controls and the need for greater value in both health care and healthcare research, providing some answers to the question: why do we have to think differently in the 20 years ahead?

Professor Dame Sally Davies   Andrew Dilnot Professor Dame Sally Davies & Andrew Dilnot


Second Plenary - The challenges of over-diagnosis and over-treatment
Thursday 21st March, 9:30 to 10:45, Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre 

We consider the challenge of over-diagnosis and over-treatment. To borrow from the subtitle of a new book co-authored by our speakers, Dr Steven Woloshin and Dr Lisa Schwartz, how can Cochrane help in preventing people being made “sick in the pursuit of health”?  As authors of “Over-diagnosed” with Dr Gilbert Welch, Lisa and Steve are ideally placed to describe the phenomenon of over-diagnosis and consider what role organizations that synthesize and disseminate evidence might play in helping patients avoid unnecessary treatment.

Dr Lisa Schwartz & Dr Steven Woloshin Dr Lisa Schwartz & Dr Steven Woloshin


Third Plenary - The challenges of communication
Thursday 21st March, 11:15 to 12:30, Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre

André Tomlin from the evidence-based healthcare consultancy Minervation Ltd, and Tracey Brown from Sense about Science. This session will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss how Cochrane can improve the dissemination of review findings and  engage more with patients and professionals about the evidence. It will also cover how everyone within Cochrane can become more involved in the public debate about evidence-based healthcare.

Tracey Brown Andre TomlinTracey Brown & Andre Tomlin


Closing Plenary - The challenges facing The Cochrane Collaboration in the next 20 years 
Thursday 21st March, 15:30 to 17:00, Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre 

Our Closing Plenary will be launched by Dr Ben Goldacre, prize-winning science journalist and author of what will undoubtedly be his second best-seller “Bad Pharma”.  As someone who is intimately familiar with the best and worst of clinical trials and the value of high quality systematic reviews, we have asked Ben to offer his view of the challenges facing the Collaboration in the next 20 years.   In response, David Tovey (Editor-in-chief) and Mark Wilson (Chief Executive Officer) of The Cochrane Collaboration, will respond with their vision of the years ahead and how the challenges outlined during the meeting might best be met.

Dr Ben Goldacre   David Tovey   Mark Wilson Dr Ben Goldacre, David Tovey & Mark Wilson