Travel information

Standard banking hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00-9:30 until 15:30 or 16:00 (some remain open until 17:30). Many bank branches stay open late once per week (Usually a Thursday until 17:30 or 18:00) as well as being open on Saturdays (9:00-9:30 until 12:30 or 15:30).

Spring is a popular time to visit Manchester and the weather is fairly mild during March, there can often be warm and sunny, although some days may be rainy and windy. Many of the trees begin to flower at this time of the year.

Always keep a sweater handy for sudden changes in weather. Rain can occur at any time, so bring a waterproof jacket, plus warm clothing just in case.

Dress is informal and relaxed on most occasions. Smart casual clothes are acceptable at most restaurants and night-spots. Men are generally not expected to wear suits and ties.

Disabled access
The law requires new buildings to provide access for people with disabilities, but check when booking. The ................. has wheelchair access. If you are unsure please email

Driving and car hire
Traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road. Cars are readily available for hire. Minimum hire ages vary from 21 to 25 and you’ll need to provide a valid driver’s licence (in English) from your home country or an International Driver’s Permit. 

Electricity and power plugs
The system supply voltage remains centred on 240 V. Generally 3 pin socket everywhere. A "shaver socket" (Euro plug) is sometimes found in bathrooms that will provide low current to some other plug types. These sometimes have a ~110 V socket and a ~240 V socket in the same unit, or a switch to select voltage for a single socket. The 3 pin socket usually has an on-off switch.

3 pin socket

Euro Plug

Emergency phone number
In health and safety emergencies, dial 999 for ambulance, police or fire services.

Manchester is a very vibrant, multicultural city and is full to the brim with every type of food and drink. Here is a link to Trip Advisor's travellor reccommendations for restaurants in Manchester:

Manchester is one of the UK' largest cities, there are various public transport options if need be, the MetroLink or by bus. Parking can be limited in the city centre, but here is a link tot he City Councils parking page. Manchester is three and a half hours away from London, but has it's own international airport.

Goods and Services Tax
All goods and services purchased in the UK are subject to 20% VAT, which is included in the display price. Goods bought from duty free shops before departure are exempt from VAT.

Insurance and medication
We strongly advise you to take out appropriate personal, travel and health insurance.  The event organisers shall not be held liable for personal accidents, loss or damage to private property of registered participants. In the event of disruption in the program for major or unforeseen causes, organisers accept no responsibility for economic losses incurred by delegates.

Visitors bringing in a quantity of medication are advised to carry a doctor's certificate to avoid possible problems with UK Customs.

English is the major official language.

Passports are required for all visitors and must be valid for at least three months after the date the visitor intends to leave. 

Personal safety
Personal Safty can be an issue in some areas of Manchester city centre. Make sure you stick to lit main roads at night, just incase.

The UK is a good value destination, being out of the Euro, we are much better priced than our European counterparts.

Smoking indoors is prohibited in all hospitality venues and public buildings, There are designated smoking areas for each venue.

Time zone
The UK is in the Western European Time Zone; GMT is the Standard Time and in the summer months British Summer Time is in use.

Employees in the UK do not depend on tips for income. On average 10% is tipped on food but not on drinks.Tipping in appreciation of good service is at your discretion.