How to Register

Registration closed on the 22nd February.

If you already have a user account:
on this website log in to your account here or at the bottom left of this screen. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password here. Then register according to step 2. below.

If you do not have a user account:
on this website yet and wish to register for the Cochrane UK & Ireland 21st Anniversary Symposium you must follow two simple steps:

1. Create your user account

To be able to register for the Cochrane UK & Ireland 21st Anniversary Symposium you need to create a user account here first. Once you have created your account, you can log in to your account here or underneath the left hand menu of this website.

2. Registering for the Symposium

When you are logged in to your Symposium account, an additional menu with blue background will appear on the top left of the screen. Within this internal menu, click on 'Registration'. The registration process consists of five simple steps asking for:

  • Personal information and preferences (name, affiliation, country, name badge details etc.)
  • Registration fee (an overview of the available fees can be found above)
  • Submission of billing and payment information

Once you have completed this process successfully you will receive an email confirmation.